Our easy to use programs bring your event to life!  We offer a range of programs to suite any live event.  They all offer live results.  Your Secretary/Timer/Announcer/Judges/Fans are up to date all the time.  Round Results, Aggregate, Heat - They are all live.  Our programs have been used at Rodeos, College sports, Horse Shows, Cattle Shows, Chuck Wagons etc.

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Timing & Equipment

We offer a full range of timing equipment to meet your event needs.  Laser eye timing equipment capable of recording to the 1000th of a second, judges transponders for sending scores to your announcers booth with a range of 1 mile, recording, laptops etc.

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Live Production Integration

We offer a range of services for live integration.  Live screen captures, xml outputs for a range of events, contestant database management.  We are proud to offer our services through several production companies and would love to help you get live!

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