Our Approach

Powerful, innovative but easy to use.  Those are my main goals on every product and service we produce.  We feel that too many service providers are not putting the needs of the consumer first and we aim to ease the frustrations while producing the best product possible!

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We Offer...


Our easy to use programs bring your event to life!  We offer a range of programs to suite any live event.  They all offer live results.  Your Secretary/Timer/Announcer/Judges/Fans are up to date all the time.  Round Results, Aggregate, Heat - They are all live.  Our programs have been used at Rodeos, College sports, Horse Shows, Cattle Shows, Chuck Wagons etc.

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Timing & Equipment

We offer a full range of timing equipment to meet your event needs.  Laser eye timing equipment capable of recording to the 1000th of a second, judges transponders for sending scores to your announcers booth with a range of 1 mile, recording, laptops etc.

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Live Production Integration

We offer a range of services for live integration.  Live screen captures, xml outputs for a range of events, contestant database management.  We are proud to offer our services through several production companies and would love to help you get live!

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